Baptisms, communions, graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, hen and stag parties, baby showers, halloween parties, these are just some of the opportunities that an organization, always precise and punctual like ours, can make special and unforgettable, with full proposals of original ideas and planned in the smallest detail.
The pride of our team is the fashion and entertainment events for which we can boast many years of experience. Since 2013 Stairway to Event stably curates the organization of "Miss Dolce Diva" beauty contest, associated with a fashion show of tailored clothes, held every year in Pisa. The event has gotten over time a large following and is an excellent showcase, locally, for young people who want to get involved and aspire to take the difficult path of fashion and entertainment. In addition, this has become an opportunity to highlight the quality of services and services, made by small businesses rooted in the Pisan territory in the wellness sector, validly represented by the hairdressers of Dolce Diva Hairdressers, present in Pisa in via Eugenio Barsanti and in via Palermo and the beauticians of the Follie di Venere Center in via del Borghetto, Pisa; as well as the sartorial craft sector, thanks to the creations of the students of Alioth & Centro Trimoda of Pontasserchio. All exponents of small and emerging businesses with an artisan vocation, on whose competence and professionalism it is important to aim today for Italian economic growth.