Are you organizing your wedding or maybe you just want to dream a little?

What kind of bride would you like to be? As a child did you imagine you were traveling those few meters that would have led you to your prince charming wearing a princely dress or on the contrary you are a rebel type and would you like something different for your big day? Whatever your personality is, one thing is certain, the moment in which you will pronounce the fateful yes you will have to have perfect make-up and hairstyle and wear the dress of your dreams. But what’s yours?

Here are the wedding trends for 2020 and find out which dress is right for you.


Are you romantic and dreams of being a princess for the big day? Then the clothes from the Pronovias Privée 2020 collection are perfect for you.

Dresses characterized by wide and voluminous skirts and tight bodices, made with precious fabrics like lace and tulle and embellished with embroidery and diamonds. In short, nothing to envy of a princess!

Are you looking for a slightly extravagant dress but without giving up a romantic touch? In this case the dress with feathers is just for you. Applied on the edge, the feathers are perfect for those who want to add a touch of glamor to the classic dress. Also ideal for those who get married in the afternoon and look for a soft volume. The dress with feathers will make your wedding chic and elegant.

An example is the beautiful Zuhair Murad dress, a tribute to the romantic woman, but at the same time contemporary, attentive to details and trends.

If, on the other hand, you are a rebel type and you want to impress everyone on your wedding day, then the wedding dresses outside Vera Wang?s 2020 scheme are just for you. Dresses characterized by pastel tones, such as green and pink and enriched by floral applications, and not only, the flowers are resumed in many ways, on drapes, collars, sleeves, petticoats, basque and corsets.

In addition to skirts, trains and corsets, new features of the new collection by Dovita Bridal are the jumpsuits that become very elegant and sparkling for the bride, so you can even get married with pants without being afraid of losing your femininity!


As for make-up, 2020 focuses on naturalness and brightness. A non-sparkling light that fades to amber, gold and pink; all intensified by the black inside the eye. The use of false eyelashes is also popular, giving an intense look to the bride.

For the lips, matte-effect lipsticks are preferred over amber or pink shades.


Also for the hairstyle the watchword for 2020 is naturalness, and consequently simplicity.

The trend proposes loose hair with soft waves, or smooth with a bit of volume at the root.

If instead you prefer the harvest, a classic for the bride is the chignon, but this year it will not be too defined and pulled, on the contrary, it will become soft or disheveled, with some lock left free and braids, ribbons and small circles-jewel adornment . It can be central, at the top of the neck or side

Undoubtedly dress, make-up and hairstyle are important elements to crown the charm of a bride, but I conclude by saying that you will be charming and beautiful regardless of them. Finally you will fulfill your dream and this will make you happy ? and you know, a happy bride is always beautiful!

But now I?m curious: what is the dress that best fits your personality, or rather the dress of your dreams?

Write it in the comments!

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