Cultural heritage: the perfect setting for your wedding

Choosing the most suitable location to celebrate the most beautiful day is not at all simple, because everyone would like the place of their wedding to be unforgettable and remain impressed not only by the spouses but also by all the guests. Surely Tuscany, with its breathtaking views and beautiful cities of art, such as Florence, Siena or Lucca, is one of the most popular destinations for Italians, but especially for foreigners who choose to get married in Italy.

If the one you are looking for is not the usual Palazzo Comunale located in one of the Tuscan countryside villages, certainly places of considerable charm but very used for celebrations, but you would like to find something that goes away from everyday life and that can make your unique wedding, we suggest you choose one of the places of culture that are scattered throughout the Tuscan territory.

Let’s begin this roundup from a truly magical place in which it is possible to celebrate the wedding, the Archaeological-Mineral Park of San Silvestro, located behind Piombino and Campiglia Marittima. Crossing the entrance, there is a wide choice of routes that lead the visitor to discover the historical heritage -archaeological, geological and naturalistic among museums, mining galleries and a village of miners and founders, datable to the tenth century.

In this splendid setting, there are two places where you can celebrate your wedding, immersed in the history and culture of Tuscany: Villa Lanzi, a sixteenth-century building commissioned by Cosimo I De ‘Medici to house miners from Germany, today a center for collecting and storing documentation related to studies, research and projects concerning the Val di Cornia territory, and more difficult access, but certainly of great charm, the fortified village of Rocca San Silvestro, located on the slopes of Monte Calvi in ​​the middle of the Park.

The village of miners and founders arose between the 10th and 11th centuries for a noble initiative with the aim of exploiting the rich copper and silver plating deposits of the area. The visitor can find out more about the social and economic organization, the eating habits, the building and metallurgical techniques of a medieval community, visiting the remains, currently visible, of houses, the church, the cemetery, the elegant area and the industrial area. Surely it is a perfect place for those who want to celebrate their most beautiful day immersed in the history and archeology of Tuscany, not easy access, in fact to reach the Fortress you must follow a path equipped to go preferably with sneakers or trekking shoes , which lasts about 20 minutes, but which offers the newlyweds and their guests the opportunity to walk and discover something of the history of this magical place.

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