Vicopisano: marriage to the Rocca of Brunelleschi

Today for the column, places of culture in Tuscany where to get married, we take you to Vicopisano, a small village in the province of Pisa, located between the river Arno, which marks the southern border of its territory, and Monte Pisano, which marks the northern one.
Surely it is a magical place, which allows you to make a journey into the past, to discover the history of this strip of land, for centuries disputed between the cities of Pisa, Lucca and Florence. We on the occasion of the Castello in Fiore event  we visited the Fortress, to discover the treasures of Vicopisano, in the link the story of our trip.
Among the various rooms in which you can celebrate your wedding, the “Salone del Tormento” deserves special attention, inside the Palazzo Pretorio, a complex of buildings, whose first structure dates back to a period between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.
This Palace, located on top of the hill of Vicopisano, whose main body built in stone verrucana  must be probably identified with a domus gentilizia of the twelfth century, came profoundly modified and enlarged following the Florentine conquest of 1406, when it became a court and residence of the vicar who practiced civil and criminal justice in the name of Florence.
The main interventions concerned the construction of the vicar’s residence on the main floor of the building, the construction of the court building and the prisons connected to it, both on the ground floor and in a second memento on the second and third floors, and finally the creation of a series of offices in which to carry out administrative functions.
If you choose this place as a location to celebrate your most beautiful day, you could even decide to make a medieval-style wedding, recreating the atmosphere of a bygone era, but still very present and alive in the streets and buildings of Vicopisano. Write us to receive suggestions and create with us the perfect setting for your wedding in one of the places of the culture of Tuscany.

Thanks to Stefano Niccolai – Art Studio Photography  for the wonderful photo of Vicopisano immersed in the Tuscan countryside.

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