Vinci: marriage in the city of Leonardo

“Love everything wins”

After the Archaeological Mining Park of San Silvestro and Vicopisano, for the heading cultural places in Tuscany where to get married, we bring you to Vinci, a beautiful village in the province of Florence, located on the slopes of Monte Albano, charming rolling hills full of vineyards and olive groves and characterized from terracing supported by dry stone walls, which give the landscape a very peculiar appearance.

We were in Vinci on the occasion of the Unicorn Festival, when the city of Leonardo turns into the fantasy capital, and walking through the streets you can meet Elves, Pirates, Fairies, and immerse yourself in a fantastic world!

History of the village

The first nucleus of this village dates back to the year 1000, when the Counts Guidi decided to expand their properties and settled in this area, so important from a strategic point of view for the opposing interests of Florence, Pisa, Lucca and Pistoia. During the 1200s, Vinci passed under Florentine control, and since then it became the object of contention among the enemies of Florence and was involved in the alternating events that crossed the political life of the Tuscan capital.

Even today, the castle retains a characteristic medieval structure: a quadrilateral stone crowned largely by Guelph merlatura and embellished by two tall towers, joined together to form the keep, which has only one entrance door, located at the southern corner -occidentale

Get married with a civil ceremony

If you have chosen this charming village to say your fateful yes, and you are organizing a ceremony with a few guests, you will have the opportunity to celebrate the ritual inside the museum dedicated to him, under the great wing that surrounds the section of the flight, located inside the Gallery where the most known models of Leonardian mechanics are exhibited.

If you prefer to celebrate the outdoor wedding, and the season you choose allows you, I recommend the house where Leonardo was born on April 15, 1542. The house, undergoing a careful restoration in the second half of the last century, exterior presents its original appearance of fifteenth-century Tuscan country house. Inside you can better understand his works, in fact it was set up a teaching apparatus that also includes reproductions of some drawings that depict the Tuscan countryside.

If you are curious and you want to know other magical places where you can celebrate your most beautiful day, continue and follow us.

Thanks to Stefano Niccolai – Art Studio Photography for the photos. The cover image was offered by Wikimedia

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